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1959 Mido repair help

My father has a 1959 Mido Multifort. In recent years he has had trouble with it 'raining' inside the watch in wet weather. He has sent it in a number of times to have the waterproofing checked with no result. About a year ago it just stopped working. He sent it in to Mido for repair and they told him there was nothing they could do, the watch was too old and they couldn't get the parts.
I'm sure the cost of repair would be much more than the value of the watch, but he would like to have it fixed for sentimental reasons.
Does anyone know of a somewhere that may be able to fix this watch?

Can you post or send me a picture of the movement? I have one old Multifort that is a bumper movement and all it needs is a hairspring to work perfectly. I could probably repair yours with parts from mine if they are similar. I am in TX.
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Great! I'm having my father send me a picture of the movement. I'll post it as soon as I recieve it.